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April 30, 2010

Green Washing in San Diego and the World

by rebecca elisabeth design

Companies or products that aggrandize their environmental practices or a product’s attributes are common place in this new eco-driven era. So, how do you look for green washing?

The entire product must be considered to be truly green and not just greenwashed. Consider the following:

  • Where is it made and therefore how far must it be shipped?
  • Does it use one or all renewable components and where are they from?
  • How is the product packaged – is that environmentally friendly?
  • Is there some sort of certification associated with the product such as: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), LCA (life-cycle assessment). EPD (environmental product declaration), etc?
  • What is the lifespan of the product?
  • Is there a recycling or disposal program for the product?
  • What kind of maintenance is needed to keep this product performing as intended?
  • Do the parts, that may need replacing, have a detrimental environmental impact?

This may sound like a daunting task with everything else we need to take care of in our lives. While many products may not meet all of the above expectations, of course the more items you can check off the better. But know, more and more products are meeting these standards due to improved regulations and demand, but they will need our support to succeed.

April 23, 2010

In a down economy, should you be remodeling in San Diego?

by rebecca elisabeth design
As a way to cope with the current real estate and financial situation many, in San Diego and country-wide, are turning to “nesting”. The thought is “let’s make our home a haven” – the place we vacation every day. Whether that is your motivation or you have just been wanting to redo a room in your home, now is the time. With the San Diego market as it is, the best contractors/vendors still have business but are considering jobs of all sizes, and you don’t have to wait months or even years anymore.

With any project there is a laundry list of decisions to make, for some this can be daunting. An interior designer guides you through these decisions and keeps the entire project in mind with every decision – often times you lose this working with contractors, who make unilateral decisions rather than always keeping the whole in mind.

An additional benefit of working with an interior designer, is exposure to a plethora of products the public doesn’t have access to in retail shops. If you just need a second opinion, designers can offer you consultation services at an hourly rate. For the kitten-caboodle, a full service designer can help with space planning, finish selection, furniture selection, window treatments, hardware etc. etc. … Plus the same goes for interior designers, the good ones still have work but they are open to projects they may not have had time for a year ago.  Please feel free to contact me to set up a meeting to discuss your design needs.

April 3, 2010

Interior and Exterior Design of Santa Barbara Court House

by rebecca elisabeth design

On a weekend trip to Solvang, CA, I, along for the ride while my husband road a century, enjoyed the quick stop in beautiful Santa Barbara. Built in 1929, the quintessential architecture Santa Barbara is known for, echos throughout the Santa Barbara Court House.

Santa Barbara Court House

This interior shot of the ceiling in the Mural room, shows the paint technique referred to as “Dutch-Metal”, which means the artist mixed zinc and copper to get that “gold” effect. The wrought-iron chandelier weighs over 1000 pounds.

Santa Barbara Court House

This shot is of a beautiful little side door, even a “servant” entrance is treated as part of the whole. Overlooking the details was not an option, unlike some modern-day buildings.

Santa Barbara Court House

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