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August 26, 2010

Is weight a sign of wealth?

by rebecca elisabeth design
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God do I wish it were, because if that were the case I might not be so worried about the 10 extra pounds of wealth I am carrying around.  Needless to say, these are not the renaissance times where rotund was a symbol of wealth, in fact, it may be the opposite.  Create a space in your home for exercise and stick to a regiment to stay fit and healthy.  Designing a room that has two functions is an easy way to use your space wisely. If you are one of my clients with 6,000 plus square feet of home, then we should make sure you have a fitness area before you have a theater.  However, if we combine the two,  you can use your theater for more than lounging, that blue ray can play sweatin’ with the oldies (or P90x) in the morning, Barney in the afternoon and Avatar in the evening. If you build it they will come is the adage I am pushing here, if you have a designated space for fitness, you are more likely to stay on track with the regiment you set for yourself. So create a work-out space in your home to help you avoid those pesky excuses.

August 12, 2010

Diane Keaton’s library featured in Architectural Digest – how to do it at your place

by rebecca elisabeth design

Diane Keaton's Beverly Hills residence featured in Architectural Digest

Who doesn’t dream of having a library in their house, a place to snuggle up and quietly read your favorite novel? Of course all of us don’t have the space that Diane Keaton does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a corner or a room that invokes the same feeling as the Keaton space pictured here does.  This room can be mimicked in your office, a guest room, in a corner of your living room, or in a nook in your bedroom, find the best place that suits your home.

While that marvelous domed ceiling isn’t easy to replicate, the rest is a snap.  Lets break it down from the top to the bottom. Stenciling on the top of the shelves is easily replicated; get your favorite quote custom-made into a decal or selecting from existing decals at places like dalidecals or walltat.  Shelving, like Brady from Pottery Barn, Billy bookcases or wall hung shelves like Ekby by Ikea, can be used against a wall or two, or in an otherwise unusable nook, to create your own library filled with your favorite novels. While a little more ornate than the example above, this Marchesa pendant sold at Lamps Plus, is a nice accent and will add the warmth created at Keaton’s. Put a slightly more rustic spin on this look (but keep the warmth), by using the amber diffuser ceiling mounted fixture by Steel Parners, sold at Lighting Universe.

Leave these benches as-is or add a coat of Benjamin Moore Sycamore Tree paint to get the Keaton look: Crate and Barrel’s Brighton or Luytens from Restoration Hardware.  If your space is tiny, stick with a chair instead of the green bench Keaton is using, one like the Milano from Target or Pottery Barn’s Riviera, with the green cushion of course.   Your favorite club chair is always a great substitute for lounge seating, so don’t be afraid to improvise.

Lastly, the flooring is a hexagonal saltillo tile which is more expensive than its siblings the square or the rectangle, but don’t despair.  To create more intrigue with the plain-jane saltillo, available at most do-it-yourself home improvement outlets for a buck a square foot, have the tiles setter mix it up. When looking into the room have the tiles laid on a diagonal or in a “soldier” (aka staggered) pattern, or frame the floor with tiles lined up, like you see in the Keaton threshold, and do the center tiles on a diagonal. Any of these options will add interest to the room and help create the look we’re shooting for.

August 5, 2010

Photo Diary of a San Diego Designer in Europe: Doorways of Lugano

by rebecca elisabeth design
Main Entry: en·try fen·es·tra·tion aka:doorway
Pronunciation: \ˈen-trē\ \ˌfe-nə-ˈstrā-shən\
Function: noun
Definition: The opening that a door closes; especially :  an entrance into a building or room.
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