Design with reckless abandon…

by rebecca elisabeth design

This October was a busy, crazy and fun month.  Scott and I hosted 6 events this month and while we are exhausted, we enjoyed every minute.  I finally figured out why Halloween has become my thing.  Responsible design requires that you think about the longevity of your designs, which I love.  I am a natural problem solver and designing a room or a house requires space planning which in essence is problem solving.  I love looking for the best solution for a room and seeing it come to life and I’m always thinking about practicality and durability.  While we live in a throw-away society, I think we need to start moving toward developing lifestyles that can maintain themselves and not need to be reworked every few years.  Because of this I love Halloween, you can do something wild and not worry about the permanence.   I haven’t put this kind of effort into my costume in previous years because my focus has been on decorating the house for a Halloween party we host.  This year I had a vision for my costume, and I didn’t know if what I had in my minds eye would turn out as I had imagined because I had never done anything like it.  The scales are stenciled and the horns are three-dimensional – I had a blast doing this and am really happy with how my design worked out.  Hope you enjoy my dragon costume (of course a nod to Scott for his store-bought dragon slayer costume 😉 ):



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