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November 29, 2011

Using Color in the Home: RED

by rebecca elisabeth design

President Obama goes over notes in the Red Roo...There is no escaping the effects of color since it is all around us. In this series on color, I will review the effect the color of choice has on mood and feeling of a room.  I will start with red as it happens to be the name of my company –  (for me the name is an acronym for Rebecca Elisabeth Design.)

 blood red, blush, brick, burgundy, carmine, cinnabar,
crimson, Indian redmaroon, rose, rouge,
ruby, russet,  scarlet, tomato, Venetian red, vermilion

Red is associated with high energy, strength, and romance.  If you want to draw attention to something use red, it is the most powerful color you can use in a room.  Red is a great accent color creating drama and excitement in a space promoting activity and alertness. Too much red however, can overwhelm a space, creating feelings of aggression and impulsiveness.  Red can be both traditional and contemporary depending on its hue.  A warm red leans toward orange while a cold red leans toward purple. So choose the hue (warm or cold) of your red and how much you use wisely in order to create the desired feeling for your space.

Guest rooms are modern and contemporaryWhat shade of red do you like best?

  • burgundy, the color of a fine wine, is a great color to add sophisticated color for a powder room
  • carmine is a color that you will find in many Persian rugs and is a great grounding color
  • vermilion is a wonderful accent color with a youth flair
  • while green is the complimentary color to red it is often associated with Christmas so be cautious using this color combination
  • consider toning down red by providing contrast of cool blues and grays
  • red and white provide a dramatic combination that must be done right to look good


November 1, 2011

Add interest to your living room by decorating your coffee table.

by rebecca elisabeth design
coffee table


When it comes to designing/decorating coffee tables many people struggle. You strive to make them functional and unique to your decor. Here at we offer you this advice to create a beautiful coffee table following these simple tips:

  • coordinate your objects with the rest of the decor in your room
  • use an odd number of items, 1, 3 or 5 is good
  • if you use one item make sure it is large enough and has impact to stand on its own
  • make sure the scale of the objects don’t overpower the coffee table and still allow it to function as a coffee table
  • to keep your eye moving from one object to the next create a grouping of similar objects with different heights
  • including greenery as one of the objects brings a living element into the space and adds interest
  • put a short object on books to elevate it
  • use an easel to display a small piece of art or a favorite dish
  • candles create drama and atmosphere in a room
  • look at your vignette and make sure it looks nice from all angles
Consider changing your coffee table decor (and possibly sofa pillows) with the seasons to give your home a different look at a very low-cost.
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