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October 18, 2011

Great Bath Consoles

by rebecca elisabeth design

Minimal in their approach, luxurious in form and style, wall mounted bath consoles can add unusual appeal to small or large baths.  Check out these cool consoles:

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October 4, 2011

Lighting: How do you know what to use?

by rebecca elisabeth design
Dining room china cabinet

example of accent lighting

Lighting is a fundamental element of any room, whether it is your kitchen, your bathroom or your family room there are 3 tiers of lighting that we at REDinterior believe should be layered to create proper lighting for the space.

  1. General lighting: most common is recessed or can lighting. This layer of light lets us see all the elements of a room.  Make this lighting dimmable if possible to allow you to add mood to a room. Low light makes things cozy and romantic.
  2. Task lighting: most commonly floor lamps in a living room or under cabinet lighting in a kitchen. This layer is fairly self-explanatory as its function is to provide light suitable for the task at hand like reading or cutting vegetables.
  3. Accent lighting: this lighting adds drama or style to a room by highlighting a certain element of a room. Lighting a picture, or fireplace are examples of using accent lighting. A dining room chandelier can be both accent because of the style as well as general lighting.

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September 6, 2011

Small Design Changes Make a BIG Difference (before and after fireplace)

by rebecca elisabeth design

Ever thought of making a small design change? I (Rebecca of RED interior) think it’s the small things that can make a dramatic difference. Take this contemporary home, it had a nondescript fireplace surround that couldn’t have been more mundane or predictable. While travertine is a nice stone, it can be found everywhere and therefore has lost its uniqueness, especially in this application. The owners of this custom Solana Beach home approached RED interior and together we identified the items they wanted addressed in the remodel. They wanted

  1. a sleek contemporary fireplace that fit their furnishings and art collection
  2. to maintain their minimalist look but, they realized that they really used the hearth for seating when they had company
  3. the new fireplace to fit the scale of the room (the old one didn’t)
  4. to use the existing structure to incorporate the new fireplace (no exterior construction!)
  5. to make it kid friendly


I took all of these challenges into consideration while designing this low line, asymmetrical fireplace solution. The owner is very into design and we discussed the use of the golden mean. I incorporate it intuitively into my designs, but it was fun to discuss this with these savvy clients. Mr. Client did the research on the firebox and selected the brand he wanted to use, but asked me for input on the size. We were able to enlarge the firebox from the original without modifying the exterior. Together we reviewed 4 design options which I presented in perspective drawings and decided on the one you see. While designing this, I knew we had to go asymmetrical and incorporate more of the wall space than the existing fireplace; part of this was done by visually enlarging the firebox with the addition of a metal surround. This design addresses all of the concerns these owners had. The fireplace is now incorporated into the design of the room rather than being an awkward element. We incorporated eased edges on the quartzite hearth and mantle to make it more suitable for little ones. The fireplace is contemporary, sleek and minimal while providing more than double the seating on the bench hearth than what the original fireplace did.

Perspective Illustration provided by REDinterior for consideration

Working hand in hand with the home owners, I was able to help them with just a few hours of my time to design the surround and select the finishes. After that, the owner wanted to work directly with the contractors to make the vision a reality. This is a great example of how a designer can help any homeowner, whether with one corner of the house or building new from the ground up.


Rebecca a Certified Interior Designer, has her design studio, RED interior, in La Jolla at 7527 Girard.

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August 23, 2011

Great imports to help you accessorize your home

by rebecca elisabeth design

Accessories are what pull a room together. Matchy matchy isn’t so creative so consider pulling elements that share a color or material to create something more unique.  These are great accessories that would work in almost any home and are a great starting point for accessorizing any room.

Wall Hanging


RED interior can help you accessorize, contact us if you need help.

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May 18, 2011

Photo Diary of a San Diego Designer in Europe: Cupolas

by rebecca elisabeth design
What can you do to your home to add another level of architectural interest? When used, cupolas have a dramatic effect both on the exterior architecture and the interior space they occupy. We are used to seeing cupolas in traditional architecture but if you look a little further you will see they are being incorporated into tract home construction.  You can incorporate this architectural feature into your home whether revised into a contemporary version or an ultra traditional cupola. In the interior, a cupola helps create a centralized focal point due to the high ceilings.  To add to the drama created by the ceilings, create a flooring pattern that radiates from the center point on the floor below the cupola.
Main Entry: cu·po·la
Pronunciation: \ˈkyü-pə-lə, ÷-ˌlō\
Function: noun
Definition: A cupola is a dome-shaped ornamental structure placed on the top of a larger roof or dome. In some cases, the entire main roof of a tower or spire can be a cupola. More frequently, however, the cupola is a smaller structure which sets on top of the main roof.
March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning STEP 1: clean out and organize your linen closet

by rebecca elisabeth design

Image by George Eastman House via Flickr

In our 8 step quest to spring cleaning/organizing we start with the linen closet. Used regularly by everyone it tends to get disorganized quickly but with a little bit of organization, paring down and labeling, yours can stay tidy. Follow the steps below to get yours in order.

  1. Remove all your linens and sort as you go putting like items together making sure to fold everything identically, blankets, towels, sheets, pillow cases….  Be sure to remove items that are not in great shape, eg: fitted sheets with stretched out elastic, towels with pulls etc.
  2. Consider limiting yourself to 3 sets of sheets per bed and 3 sets of towels per person in your household.  Make rags or donate the things you are ready to part with.
  3. With a mild soapy water, damp wash the closet and shelving. If you add a little vinegar to the water it will help remove any odors that might be in the closet.
  4. Look at your sorted piles from step 1 and adjust shelving to accommodate your pile heights.  Try to create short stacks so that you can keep things neat, tall stacks tend to get unruly.  You may want to consider rolling towels in a spa like fashion, it’s up to you. If you like stacks, like me, metal shelf dividers that you can get from the Container Store fit most shelving and help keep things from co-mingling.
  5. If you use shelf liner now is the time to replace anything that doesn’t look great.
  6. To put things back, consider what you use most and place those items from waste to eye level for ease of use. Put the things you use the least up high and down low.
  7. Small linen closet that is a catch all and over stuffed? Consider placing bed linens in storage bins under the bed they belong to.
  8. If you have others doing laundry, you should consider labeling where things go to help keep your closet orderly.  Add in cedar products or herbal sachets using naturally available ingredients like cloves, peppermint, thyme, and rosemary to keep moths out. And voila you are done.

Next week we will tackle the medicine closet. Keep up with us weekly to make this process easy on yourself. Let us know how your doing on our Facebook page.

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